Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last week I had the pleasure of receiving an email from someone who served as an intern at our company 21 years ago. “It’s been a long time and you may not remember me,” he wrote. “I was an intern at Makovsky in 1989-90. For an intern with zero experience fresh out of college, you treated me exceptionally well and I have remembered that, if not the PR training!” He is now a partner at a small consulting firm and said his firm is at a crossroads with marketing, PR and communications – and sought advice.

Besides making my day, this email caused me to reflect on how what we do today as practitioners can set the stage for our companies’ future success. I remembered the job applicant who didn’t pick us, but who went to a Fortune 100 company and recommended us to her new company, which became a client for eight years. The former employees (many) who later became clients. The clients who went on to become clients a second time, and even a third time, as they changed their jobs.

Social media is able to multiply these positive effects… not just for us, but for our clients who wisely employ it in their communications. If we all do our jobs right, in 2031 we won’t have to worry whether that connection just happens to remember us… we will be able to depend on the fact they’ll find us.

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