Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Getting It" – 12-Year-Old Outshines the Pros on Driving Blog Traffic

You are missing a treat if you don’t visit Problogger, where 12-year-old David Wilkinson wrote an articulate guest column on driving traffic to your blog. I agreed with one of the 80+ people who commented on the post, Gary Ruplinger, who said: "This makes me feel really old when I’m getting advice from someone who’s half my age … Written a heck of a lot better than most adults who claim to have passed college English courses (and better than some writers I’ve hired who’ve claimed to have a masters degree in English)."

Wilkinson reviews the basics ("start by building quality content for somebody to see"), then emphasizes the "three Cs: community, communication and consideration [to your audience]" as well as the importance of search optimization.

It may be a "well, duh" that the teenage, pre-teen and 20-something generations are far more immersed in social media and that public relations directors need to pay attention to them … and structure campaigns to respond to the different media consumption habits of multiple audiences. The lesson: listen or be an obsolete counselor.

To that point, the ad agency community has been under fire for not "getting" the age of digital communications fast enough. To its credit, Ogilvy & Mather is really trying, having aligned with the blog search engine Technorati to try to help clients find their way. The initiative, as reported by Brian Steinberg in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), is aimed at reaching those who spend time creating content rather than watching or reading content produced by someone else. I doubt that this is going to solve the inherent conflict between advertising and blogging, but perhaps some people's horizons will be expanded. Maybe they should listen to the 12-year-old instead.

Steinberg interviewed Peter Hirshberg of Technorati who aptly calls on marketing organizations of all types to "have somebody on board whose job is to listen, to converse with and ensure the company is engaging with its customers, whether they are on blogs, MySpace, YouTube, whatever…. The new 24-year-old person you will hire, you will be amazed by the knowledge they bring to the table." He observes "the most interesting action in the blogosphere is really the hundreds of topic areas where communities coalesce and people are having conversations," and "the blog isn’t going away, because it really does give the audiences a voice."

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Blogger Blogger for peace said...

FYI - You can get free access to Wall Street Journal with a netpass from:

This was blogged by Andrew Tobias and, I thought it was a great tip!

Friday, February 16, 2007 10:37:00 AM  
Anonymous David Wilkinson said...

Glad you liked the article at ProBlogger... Darren asked me to hop along and write something for everyone, and I hadn't really expected to wake up and find it on the Digg frontpage. Still, quite an experience!

David Wilkinson

Saturday, February 17, 2007 5:37:00 PM  

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